Hi folks,

I've just finished updating & revising my detailed notes on birding around Cadiz province (with forays into sites just over the border in Seville & Malaga provinces). What started as a 8 page digest now runs to over 70 pages and over a dozen maps! In part, I hope to promote interest in birding in this superb area - which seems somewhat overshadowed these days (wrongly in my view) by Extremadura. I also hope that, by making the notes available online they can be updated and improved by feedback from others. They are not meant, however, as a replacement for the standard site guides, but a useful adjunct to them. They are not complete - some sites I have only partially explored and they're included to encourage further exploration. The notes doubtless contain some embarrassing lacunae & errors which I hope to correct with your help! Some of some sites are not (to my knowledge) detailed elsewhere.

However, they are now far too big to email directly so send me a PM with your email address so that I can send you the link to download them. I would only ask that a) you update me about any improvements/changes/info and b) if anyone wants a copy you direct them to me rather than sending them the info directly,