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Thread: a big howdy from north central Texas

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    Default a big howdy from north central Texas

    Hi! I've been birding for several years now. Really enjoy it and might admit to being fairly obsessed. Am a bit of a lister and report to e-birds. Weather is starting to cool a bit now here in Texas and I'm looking forward to a good fall and winter. My life list is about 160.

    Like this site--a lot to look at and use. I have used the birding ID areas on other forums and that has helped alot with my IDs. Hope that folks will include locations in the subject line since I'm still pretty limited to the U.S. birds, but Texas is a great place to bird.

    I love reading and lately have focused on Audubon and Roger Tory Peterson, as well as Kingbird Highway, Life List, and just about anything about birding. Am also starting to get involved in conservation efforts.


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    Hi Julie and welcome to the forum. Best, Andy

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    Hello julie and a warm welcome onto the forum.

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