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Thread: Visit to Lebanon

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    Default Visit to Lebanon

    I am hoping to visit Lebanon in late October and would value some suggestions about places to birdwatch. Thanks

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    Lebanon may be only half the size of Wales but a car is essential. There are many reasonably priced rental companies in the country none of which seem to require an international driving licence.

    On the up side, the diverse topography of the country means the weather varies from one region to another. On the down side, although a ban on hunting was brought in during the mid-90s, it still goes on.

    Top Birding Areas

    1. Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve is about a 100 kilometres north of Beirut and 20 or 30 kilometres inland from the port of Tripoli which is called Trablos in Arabic. The town of Ehden is a popular place to escape the summer heat but I donít know what is open in October.
    2. Palm Islands Nature Reserve off the coast near Trablos.
    3. Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve
    4. Ammiq Wetlands located on the western side of the Beqaa Valley is the countryís last remaining wetland and there is a lodge in the reserve.
    5. Tyre in Southern Lebanon, a UNESCO World Heritage and called Sour in Arabic, is also good for sea birds and the numerous species that hang around the three tremendous Roman archaeological sites.

    If you go, I hope you enjoy it for I've been to around 70 countries and Lebanon where I lived for one and half years is top of my list.

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    Hello Tim, and welcome to Surfbirds Forum.

    I have never been to Lebanon (but I would trust Jacqueline's recommendation). There is an international Christian-orientated charity called "A Rocha" which has a base in Lebanon: Do not be put off by their religious perspective, they welcome everyone, even atheists like myself!!

    I live next door to their base in Portugal (where the organisation was founded) and meet people who have stayed at the Lebanon centre and who speak very highly of it (they now have conservation centres around the world).

    Just a thought.

    Regards, and good luck,


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