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Thread: What is hassling the Osprey?

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    Default What is hassling the Osprey?

    The Osprey was not amused by the intruders. It had just arrived with it's large fish which was still very much alive.

    Are they House Crows or Brown-necked Ravens?

    The images were taken in South Sinai about a week ago.
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    House Crows

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    Judging on tail length and shape, they're House Crows. B-n Raven has a diamond shaped tail and it's tail tips and wing tips are about equal at rest, while House Crow as a longer tail, which is square or slightly rounded at the tip. Photos can be deceiving though, and I have been known to be wrong ;-)

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    The bill is much more like House Crow - see web link below

    So despite the absence of a palish grey body House Crow for me


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