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    Default Gull Identity

    I found this gull at Kilminning, near Crail, Fife on 15/09/09 and when first located through binoculars I thought I had a Glaucous or Iceland Gull. On closer inspection through a telescope I noticed the bird showed a black bar on one primary. I assumed at that point I had a Herring Gull in heavy moult. Reflecting later I wondered whether this assumption was correct. Anyone got any comments. Apologies for poor quality of photographs.
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    hi william, i dont suppose you have any in flight photographs? Could well be a herring in heavy moult, can i see some brown specks on the primaries?
    but await the experts views!

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    I would think a heavy moulting Herring as well. Structur + bill say´s that.


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    Me too.

    Perhaps one of those argentatus birds from Norway? They should be arriving by now.

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