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Thread: hello from arctic Norway...

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    Default hello from arctic Norway...

    Hello fellow birders! Just joined surfbirds. Been a guest here for a long time though. Great site. I have been birding for 20 years, and I have recently moved to Vardo in Varanger, basically because of the fantastic birdlife in this northeastern part of Europe. I am also an architect. Combine that with a birdwatcher and you got someone who is designing birdhides. So, if you plan to visit Varanger, there will hopefully be a few more hides here to shelter you from the arctic winds...

    Looking forward to joining the forum. All the best, Amundsen

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    Welcome onto the forum, All the best.

    ps You are in one of the places i would dearly love to visit!

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    Hi Amundsen and welcome to the forum. Any photos of the hides you design?

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    Default Hi! Thanks for welcoming...

    Well, my birdhide designs are still on paper. The environment authorities in Finnmark have asked me to make a series of hides. The first hide will be built this year on Barvikmyran outside Vardo, overlooking a beautifull tundra wetland. Two more hides will be built next year at the Tana riverdelta. And there are more coming. Right now Varanger and the arctic north is facing massive changes. The discovery of oil and gas in the Barents sea will have a deep impact here. There are unfortunantely very few people here thinking about the environmental consequenses. So my aim is to front the birdlife in Varanger. Historically birds in the north have been protected simply by the lack of extensive human activity. Now it is very important to get focus on this fantastic birdlife in order to preserve it and their habitat. I have made a 80-page study on birding and birdhide possibilities in Varanger. This have opened some eyes of both politicans and others. Building hides is one way to promote an interest in birds. I have added two pages from this study. These are conseptsketches. I will post pictures later on as the hides are built.

    To be continued...

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