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Thread: Suffolk coast could be home to eagles

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    Default Suffolk coast could be home to eagles

    Natural England, and the RSPB, assisted by the Forestry Commission, have been looking at the feasibility of re-introducing the white-tailed eagle - also known as the sea eagle - to East Anglia, and the Suffolk coast is being considered as a possible future home for white-tailed eagles


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    Thumbs up Wrong way to finance Eagles in Suffolk!

    Hi there,
    Given time seaeagles will colonise south-eastern England naturally
    from the Continent where they are rapidly colonising now from the east
    to now breed in the Netherlands at close hand from the English south-eastern coast and near northern France where the species already regularly winters in fairly substantial numbers and is likely to soon establish itself as a resident from the breeding population in the Netherlands which has just
    started to get a strong foothold there and it is easy for Continental breeders to start turning up in the area near Dover and Dungeness then spread to Suffolk as they are seaeagles prone to cross from Calais which is near Dover where they will surely soon naturally appear without human intervention as other raptors spreading across France with better conservation for raptors will also do without wasting money which could be better spent on conservation initiatives on the mainland Continent opposite Dover to create key reserves for certain raptors which will soon colonise them with the best
    investment in conservation initiatives in northern France for raptors and other spreading specialities which I am monitoring with my colleagues in northern France through the MNHN network which needs better funding urgently
    to spread the bird reserve network in northern France such as the relatively new Romalere reserve of around a hundred hectares with four pairs of
    Little Bittern nesting annually plus a whole host of key birds which with more reserve around the Calais area will allow natural colinisation of the UK by
    birds like Seaeagles and allies from the French mainland!
    No need to introduce any birds artificially at all just let nature do the work
    quite naturally!
    On the Continent Pygmy Cormorants are spreading rapidly towards the UK as sinensis Cormorants did which now breed in southeastern England and in Haute Savoie a Pygmy Cormorant is now present perhaps for the huge breeding population in northern Italy in the Po delta!
    Also in France in the Vilaine estuary two thousand Balearic Shearwaters have just been noted feeding near around a hundred or more Sabines Gulls at the
    bouy marking the cardinal Danger Dengan area site near Penlan. Also in Brittany now in the Baie d'Audierne a newly arrived Laughing Gull is flying around and the old Ring-billed Gull present for the last twenty-five years is also around I think a male due to the long bill and typical male head shape!
    Near Goury at Auderville near Cap de la Hague opposite Alderney in the Channel Isles a spotless absolutely spotless Spotless Starling is still flying around with other Eurasian Starlings!
    In northern France 115 pairs of Tengmalms Owls were noted in 2008 breeding and 81 pairs of Pygmy Owls a big hike due to our work through Misson Rapaces! Other raptors doing well in France in the summer of 2008 due to the figues already released were:-
    20 pairs of breeding Black-shouldered Kites rearing at least 36 young which are spreading towards the UK fast with a pair aleady having summered in northern France near the Channel like 3,500 pairs of Red Kites, 45 pairs of Lammergier, 570 pairs of Griffon Vultures with half a dozen summering in Britanny this summer which could soon also spread to the UK as a regular vagrant! Plus 86 pairs of Egyptian Vultures, 16 pairs of Monk Vulture,
    2,800 pairs of Short-toed Eagles with a dozen summering in Brittany each year as non breeders soon set to spread further north with birds in the Channel Isles and a sighting on the Scilly Isles, 4,500 pairs of Montagus Harriers also spreading north across the southern part of the Channel coast,
    10,000 pairs of Hen Harriers, 2,000 pairs of Marsh Harrier, which are booming as breeding birds along the south Channel coast, a pair of Lesser Spotted Eagle rearing one young successfully, 400 pairs of Golden Eagles, 500 pairs of
    Booted Eagles breeding now with 120 young just west of Paris near Orleans
    in a forest which is a forest of many with the name La Foret d'Orient,
    where they are fitted with satellite tracking devices tracking their migration to Africa in winter,28 pairs of Bonellis Eagles rearing 30 young in 2008,
    59 pairs of Osprey breeding also around eastern Paris,194 pairs of Lesser Kestrel, spreading fast with captive breeding of introduced young released from birds captured from bird traffickers in Paris reared by hand on grasshoppers and invertebrates and allowed to colonise natural colonies of wild birds in southern France with migrants turning up in Brittany even just south of the Scilly Isles!, 316 young fledged in 2008 in the wild a great year for this spreading species!, 1,300 pairs of Peregrines reared 869 young,
    1,739 young Barn Owls were monitored fledging in 2008, and 289 young Eagle Owls were noted as fledging also, around 500 Little Owls were noted as fledging in 2008 which are doing well in northern France due to nest box schemes and Scops Owls are summering in Brittany around Redon indicating a spread north of the breeding birds. For more details contact email:- in order to communicate with the network of 2,500 raptor enthusiasts Nationally in France who form the network of Mission Rapaces of the LPO! There are specialist groups covering each particular raptor and now summering birds include Rupells Vulture, Eleanoras Falcons, the odd pair of Red-footed Falcon breeding in old Crow nests and a number of other species on the edge of their range which could soon become established and pockets of birds like small areas with breeding Short-eared Owls in small concentrations, and summering birds like regular summering Pallid Harriers in northern Brittany each summer!
    In Jersey today 10 Brent Geese in Grouville Bay of which 1 nigricans, 2 hrota and 7 bernicla!
    In Normandy and northern France the breeding Great Great Shrikes were back in the usual breeding sites with a new pocket in the Loire estuary and a site not far from Calais! Usually 4 pairs breed east of Caen in Lower Normandy.
    A pair bred in England which may have spread from the Normandy breeding concentration in the Dives estuary where around 150 pairs of Red-backed Shrikes were breeding also. In France breeding Lesser Grey Shrikes are just hanging on with only about a hundred pairs left this summer in particular near
    Narbonne east of the Pyrenees in the Golfe de Lyon!
    According to my Glossy Ibis ringer colleagues in France none of the ringed birds which were noted in the UK were French birds they were all Spanish birds ringed in the Coto Donana Reserve colony in the Guadalquivir delta in southern Spain! Look out for any French ringed birds which could eventually also appear as the population breeding in the Rhone delta is now booming like the Great Bitterns breeding there!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree noting the magazine 'Bird Watching' article on the Marquenterrre which fails to note the 7,000 Shelduck present there now in the Somme estuary in northern France and the considerable size of the Spoonbill and White Stork colonies there breeding each summer now with hundreds of each there breeding! So close to the UK port of cheap ferry
    day trippers boat outings on a booze cruise to French Channel ports!

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    Thumbs up Eagle Howlers near Calais breeding hike!

    Take a hike to Calais on a booze cruise from Dover then head to Avesnois
    where in 2004 the first breedinf record of Eagle Owl for north-eastern France took place in the Nord departement where in 2008 6 sites were occupied and 13 young Eagle Owls fledged which are busy industrial sites of quarrying where dynamiting was taking place regularly but the Eagle Owls are raddy to spread to the UK to take an Eagle howler booze cruise to Dover but for more details contact Pascal DEMARQUE our CONTACT THERE in Aubepine who is monitoring the population of breeding Eagle Owls so near to the UK!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey where we had Eagle Owls flying around escaped from a collection! The French Eagle Owls by contrast are wild!
    Wild wild and wet sitting pretty on clutches after downpours but still producing four young to fledging a clutch despite a drenching after downpours.

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    Thumbs up Sea E Girls, tulips and red traffic lights in Hampsterdam!

    Hi there,
    Just outside Amsterdam is a superb birding area to the east a short drive by
    hire car from Schipol airport past red traffic lights, rows of eager seaman loving e girls on bicycles a short drive outside the busy area of Hampsteerdam
    to the east in the wetlands where there are blue movie throats singing their hearts out in summer alomgside Spoonbills, Bittern, Bearded titmice nibbling on the areas filled with waders wildfowl and warblers like Lesser Whitethroats surrounded by Short-toed Treecreepers and Goshawk in the wooded areas
    plus a pair of annually breeding White-tailed Sea E Girls on webcam at:-
    Nice birding if you want to see the bright lights in the Netherlands of the
    bars and bistros where you can meet up with some Dutch courageous birders to share a beer and birding notes if you look at the details above in English for a great White-taailed sea E girl watching session on their huge nests near Hamsterdam!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny Jersey near the Bay of Mont St Michel a regular haunt of White-tailed sea E Gulls perhaps including some wing tagged birds from the breeding site near Amsterdam!

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