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Thread: Glossy Ibis influx into the UK

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    Default Glossy Ibis influx into the UK

    This September has seen the country’s largest-ever influx of Glossy Ibis, with at least 37 individuals recorded across Britain and Ireland. Interestingly some of these birds were ringed, Doñana in southern Spain being their likely origin. If you are lucky enough to see one of the ringed birds, please report the details to the BTO Ringing Scheme.


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    The species was more frequent in the early part of the previous century being recorded 'almost annually on passage' (Birds in England' - Poyser). The largest groups were a party of ten birds at Marazion (Sept 1920) and 12 birds at Fishbourne in Sussex (Sept 1908). What is the largest group in the current invasion? Given the sharp increase in Andalucia in recent years it'd be nice to think that such influxes might become a regular feature of our autumns. Incidentally, close observation of the famous Stodmarsh 'pair' indicated that females can be distinuguished in the field by their smaller size and proportionately shorter bill,


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    This used to be a relatively scarce bird in Algarve 15 - 20 years ago, and the only large "flocks" which I have seen in the past in Iberia have been at El Rocío in Doñana. Numbers have increased dramatically in recent years and on 7th July this year there was a record of 360 birds Qta da Vala, Silves. Gorgeous bird.


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    Default Three glossy ibises at Caistor St Edmund Norfolk 19/9

    Am sure one of the three Caistor St Edmund Norfolk glossy ibises was ringed. Unable to get any shots of the bird's ring. Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ28 and picture taken standing on fence watching birds feeding in river Tas.

    Has anyone seen and identified the ring on one of these birds or the others?
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    I saw hundreds in Brazo del Este on the east bank of the Guadalquivir (opposite to the Coto Donana) in mid-September 2009. Well over a thousand in total; uncountable in large swirling flocks that disappeared into inaccessible marshes.

    Like you say Colin, they were scarce in the area 15 years ago.

    Interestingly, I feel they are much scarcer in eastern Europe than they used to be. My counts in the Danube Delta are lower, and flocks going through Greece and Turkey seem to me to be reduced. I would be interested to know if there is a theory as to whether the eastern birds have moved west en-masse, or whether there has been an increase in the west due to colonisation by a few birds which have then been very successful breeding, coinciding with an unrelated decline in the east. Have they even declined in the east, or is it just my perception?

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    Maybe better protection in western Europe allowing numbers to increase, and continued or increased persecution and/or habitat destruction in the east?

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