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Thread: Pechora Pipit on Ouessant

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    Default Pechora Pipit on Ouessant

    Nice images by Aurelian Audevard in European Stop Press and here ( of Pechora on Ouessant, Brittany, today.

    If there's one there, maybe there are others on the UK mainland??

    Brian S

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    Thumbs up Red-flanked Bluetail also on Ouessant or in English Ushant!

    Hi there,
    Alongside the Pechora Pipit now on Ouessant or as it is known in English
    Ushant a Red-flanked Bluetail and a Red-throated Pipit plus Yellow-browed
    Warblers and Redstarts plus other Pipits including many Meadow and big numbers of other interesting migrants like finches in good numbers and Lesser Whitethroats plus seabirds.
    More details of French migration at:-
    And at:-
    The article just out in Terre Sauvage top French natural history magazine
    on the state of French bird diversity worth looking at!

    A photo of the colour ringed Spoonbills in Guernsey now!

    Also at:-

    Details of the Red-throated Pipit, Pechora Pipit, Yellow-browed Warblers and Red-flanked Bluetail on Ouessant or in English Ushant now!Also other good birds present there and near Granville opposite Jersey in Normandy, Red-throated Pipit 100,000 Chaffinch, Redwings, plus other migrants in good numbersplus Richards Pipits. Also big finch passage on now including Goldfinch
    and Greenfinch plus other finches.

    Last Sunday at La Rocque in Jersey, I noted 4 Balearic Shearwaters, Great Skua and four pale phase Skuas probably all

    Pomarines! Also 50 plus Gannets and 10 or so Med Gulls, a Commmon Scoter and 2 Common Gulls plus 50 or so Sandwwich Terns and the usual Brent Geese.On the news below interesting birding news.

    Kind regards,

    Bertram.E.B. Bree, in sunny Jersey, near France.

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    Thumbs up Sortir du NUKE ! A no to the nuclear industry radiating birds!

    Hi there,
    If you are interested in the global affects of nuclear waste
    includding heavy contamination of the UK by nuclear waste
    affecting the waters of the UK which are some of the most poluted in Europe,
    then read on! It is estimated to cost over a trillion dollars to
    decontaminate nuclear sites in the UK which is less than the National Debt
    but a heavy price to pay for contaminated birdlife and wildlife in Europe.
    For more information including on UK nuclear waste dumped in the Channel
    now contaminating it and its birdlife look at:-
    You can buy the book and DVD in French to find out the facts of the nuclear
    waste business worldwide which is not accessible from the UK media
    which is controlled by censors! Like New Labours branch of the UK Secret
    Service called Information Support working in tandem with family contacts
    at Cheltenham who monitor all computer messages which are stored on everyones hard drives on a special file which can be read by anyone
    who knows how to do it including Information Support who control the UK medias information formerly known as Psycological Control which New Labour renamed!

    Also available on the French side of the Channel details of 20,000 species
    of wildlife being studied by top European Naturalists to see if they can findd new species at:-
    All dettails freely publicly available in France but censored in the UK
    by the UK's biased media which is massively controled by New Labour!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey where we are hoping to back conservation work even in Outer Mongolia involving education and backing from Jersey residents financially who hope to promote ecotourism in Jersey and Mongolia through our Governments hopes to work towards sustainability and promoting a green future for the worlds inhabitants such as plans to sell home
    owners with wind generators to provide energy for home owners in Jersey to encourage self sufficiency and to promote energy conservation. We are working with Hong Kong to promote green connections including locals in Jersey backing China's plans to end the use of over a billion tonnes of coal each year to produce China's energy and to use renewables instead like wind turbines with new links with the island of Jersey and key wind turbine businesses including in Canada, (which despite its toll on birds and bats migrating through areas with turbins flailing migrants it is better than the huge stocks of radiocative waste stocked in the UK according to the
    free media broadcasts in the EU, which are backed by UK scientists like
    Hubert Reeves!)
    Good eco birding near home reducing the possible big carbon footprints
    and of course take the ferry to sunny Jersey to find out more about our Ecological campaigns including backing the UK charity the Seawatch Foundation who claim the UK is pumping over a milion tonnes of sewerage
    into UK waters each year which the Government does little to treat!
    Nice eco birding from sunny Jersey.
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in ecofriendly Jersey with a no NUKE population who are eco active with one of the world's best sewerage treatements in the island treating our sewerage with ultra violet lights!

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    Thumbs up French natural history census in Mercantour!

    Hi there,
    The link on the huge EU project to census the Mercantourr park
    in southern France is at:-
    I mistakenly put in a comma rather tahn a stop on the link in the
    message above.
    It should read now!
    Kind regards,
    A lover of the natural history of southern France including the Mercantour!
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.

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