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    Hi, this is my first post. I found this bird last Saturday on Sherkin Island off the south coast of Ireland. I noticed a difference at some distance from the small number of Chiffchaffs around. I managed to get off a couple of shots before it vanished. Only when I got home and saw the pics on screen did I notice how different with what I take to be a prominent supercillium and very short primary projection. I was wondering if it could be Raddes Warbler? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Paul.
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    I'd go with Chiffchaff, perhaps a Scandinavian abietinus bird. Not Radde's, that has talons not feet, and a strongly yellow-suffused undertail.

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    Hello Paul, and welcome to Surfbirds Forum.

    Pity you did not get a clear shot of this bird. I can see why you think that this might be Radde's based on the head pattern on the first photo, plus the fact that the legs look rather pale, but the lack of orange-buff undertail coverts really rules it out.

    I would agree with Michael that this is a Chiffchaff (there are some very atypical birds around at the moment - no two birds the same).


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    Thanks for the replies.
    I'm not too dissapointed as I was with the group of three birders who found the Arctic warbler the day before on Cape Clear Island. I've got some better shots of that if anyone's interested.. Paul.

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