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Thread: Not really been birding today...

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    Default Not really been birding today...

    ... but the birds have come to me. An Osprey carrying a large fish over my house actually dripped blood onto the terrace, an adult Black-winged Kite has been eating my rats () and actually posed for a photo (unfortunately right at the edge of my land and about 200 metres away):

    And, I have noticed recently that a very large number of birds have ticks attached, such as this Stonechat (also in my garden):

    Rather odd for this late in the year - is this a further sign of global warming?


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    Hi Colin,
    Nice photos. Is it not amazing that some of this creatures are our next door neighbour's and we have to marvel their presence. Good catch for the tit too, I could see with my naked eye.

    Thanks Seedy gambian birder.

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