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Thread: Yellow Rail Window Strike

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    Default Yellow Rail Window Strike

    Anyone who's tried to get good views of Yellow Rail will appreciate this photo. The bird recovered well and was released:

    From Texbirds
    From: Michael Lindsey

    I have a commercial window cleaning business and from time to time I find birds that have struck windows...some alive, most dead. The most common bird found are doves, but occasionally I have found the unexpected bird, like a Canada Warbler or N. Waterthrush.

    This morning I found a Yellow Rail at the base of some windows I was about to clean.

    The bird was conscious and sitting up, recovering from the strike as I have seen birds do before. I took a few pictures, got a box from the store manager and took the bird down the road where I knew there was some nice habitat for its further recuperation. On the way there, the bird escaped from the box and moved around inside my truck searching for a place to hide. I released the bird and it stealthfully disappeared in seconds out into some tall grass.

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    Nice bird, great photo and fantastic story.


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    All we ever get here is British Rail Drivers Strike . . .

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