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Thread: Rare Eagle at sagres

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    Default Rare Eagle at sagres

    Just got back from a FANTASTIC birding trip in Portugal where Sue and I sat on a hill side for 8 hours a day for 11 days running ,we were rewarded with over 500 raptors including a rare imperial eagle also 8 (juv)Bonellis eagles.Photograped a imperial and adult Bonellis in the same frame what a site .As I thought things couldn't get better floating over the pine forest a large eagle was being mobbed by a buzzard as it got closer there were shouts from my 2 portugess birding pals take pictures then we realised we had something special a spotted eagle but which one, the site of 2 portugess and one mad 60 year old Brit jumping up and down must have been a funny sight, After studying photos with the Portugess birding rarities committee it was comfirmed as a (pomarina)a first for Portugal. In the 11 days we had 23 different species of raptors, and 4 different species of Owls. If anybody would like the full report just send me an email. This is a new site for me so I am still working my around it, hope to have the pictures up shortly (when I get my head around it)!!!!

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    Eight hours a day for eleven days on the trot - I have a vision of Sue sitting in the Suzuki reading a very large number of books during that time!!



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