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    Just a quick note to introduce myself.
    My name is David and I live in NW England and have been birding since the age of 6. That's 37 years of birding that has taken me all over the UK, many European countries, Israel, Thailand, Java, Honk Kong, Australia and several trips to the USA.

    I really like all families of birds but my favorites are the chats, warblers, flycatchers and thrushes and following that without a doubt it has to be seabirds esp petrels, shearwaters and Skuas.

    I used to ring/band birds, something I may return to once my 2 babies have grown a little and my wife says, yes go ahead! I have ringed around 10,000 birds of c170 species. Being involved in ringing greatly improved my identification and aging skills of many species and took me to some far flung places such as Australia.

    Bird photography is something I played around with during my film camera days. I am still very much interested and now use a Nikon D300. I am yet to take the plunge and buy a decent telephoto lens, but eventually I will.

    I located centrally on the west side of the UK. It is a geographically good place to live as I can be in Scotland in a couple of hours, the east coast is only 2 hours away and the seabird cliffs in Wales are only an hour away. We have some very good reserves locally and it these that I visit currently due to family constraints.

    I would be more than willing to take anyone visiting the UK out birding, particularly anyone wanting to visit N Wales and NW England.

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    Welcome to the site, nice to know there is someone else in this neck of the woods. Look forward to hearing frpm you in the future


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    Welcome to Surfbirds Forum David.

    NW England (I am a Cumbrian) certainly has its attractions, unfortunately the weather isn't one of them!!



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    Hi There,
    Welcome to the right forum site.

    Seedy Gambian birder.

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