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Thread: Thrush migration in Belgium radar tracked now!

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    Thumbs up Thrush migration in Belgium radar tracked now!

    Hi there,
    In Belgium now at:-
    Thrushes migration towards western Europe are tracked by RADAR.
    In Jersey now 4 Swallows at Noirmont and 2 Swallows at La Rocque heading north.
    Kind regards,
    Berrtram.E.B.BREE in mild Jersey.

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    Thumbs up Sempach bird radar research in Belgium

    Hi there,
    The research institute SEMPACH using their mobile RADAR in Belgium for studying bird migration near the Channel with backing from the European Space Agency and French CNRS and CNES are now monitoring the migration
    on the Continental side of the Channel in tandem with Dutch ornithologists and French meterological and migration researchers at:-
    Kind regards,
    Many Redwings and Fieldfares heading for the Channel coasts including the south coast of England!
    Bertram.E.B.Bree a contact of CNRS and MNHN researchers monitoring meterological effects on bird and bat migrations.

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