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Thread: RUSSIA: St Petersburg and/to Novgorod late May 2010

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    Default RUSSIA: St Petersburg and/to Novgorod late May 2010


    I'm thinking of a three night trip to St Petersburg, staying an extra night in Novgorod.

    I would possibly contact a tour company to arrange a car and guide to and from Novgorod, with some birding on the way/back. Is there any ?

    And what about St Petersburg ? Any birding sites there, that can be accommodated with my multiple visits to the Hermitage ?

    Many thanks, J.

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    Hi there,
    I suggest you contact Intourist in London to be put in contact with birders in the area who can help you with the details you want to find out!
    I have good contacts in INTOURIST like Julia Rabone who has met up with me in sunny Jersey where a friend of mine commutes to study law in St Petersburg University from Jersey who in interested in birding!
    Many people speak English there and in the Hermitage there are many cats which if you provide a donation to feed them the people who look after the museum may be very helpful to you for a small donation to their cause.
    St Petersburg in on the Volga river the longest in Europe and a great birding area with many birdes in the area keen to show you the areas birdlife
    if you contact people like INTOURIST in London in advance of you visit!
    Kind regards,
    Beware now many hunters shooting birds along the Volga! Best to kep with a local birder if you are out birding in the area who can assist if you want help communicating with the locals!
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in mild Jersey.

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