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Thread: Possible Taiga Fly in Cornwall - Pics online.

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    Default Possible Taiga Fly in Cornwall - Pics online.

    Two pics of the possible Taiga Fly on the Cornwall Birding website.

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    Hi Andrew,
    Many thanks for making this link available. While I would hesitate to identify a bird like Taiga Flycatcher for certain from such poor images (though these are far better than no images at all), there are a number of apparent features that do seem to suggest this species:
    - the uppertail coverts look as though they may be darker than the tail feathers.
    -the tertial pattern, with a large whitish-looking 'wedge' on the outer web, almost like the pattern shown by a 1st-w Pied Flycatcher, does suggest 1st-w Taiga, but I would like to see this in more detail.
    -there are no obvious buff tones below, and it looks quite greyish above (with the proviso that light conditions, and the possible effects of colour manipulation while editing the pics on Photoshop, could impart a different colour tone than was seen in life).
    -there is no obvious pale at the base of the lower mandible.
    Calls, as ever, would be a clincher, but this bird certainly looks interesting to me, let's hope that it is seen again...

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    I would call this a Taiga Flycatcher, too. No buff tone in wing-bar or on tertial edges, or indeed on breast or flanks. Tertial pattern quite typical and arguably outside parva variation. Very dark bill. Upper tail-coverts indeed looking blacker than tail. I know the problems with few photographs, and one of them a bit out of focus. But the images show good light and colour balance, and what you see seem to include all important characters of albicilla.

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