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Thread: identification of raptors in hand

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    Default identification of raptors in hand


    I know maybe this is not the right place to ask this but someone here also could help me....
    Does anyone have such a thing as a pdf guide for ID birds of prey in hand? (for the european raptors) I am interested in the most important ID keys which can allow you to separate different raptors at different age levels starting from the nestlings up to the adult age.

    Thank you,

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    Luca ciao

    for ringers purpose, birding ...or falconers? I hope the first two...
    however such a guide its still missing in Europe, you mya find something in a book by Master forsman several years ag? but only in Finnish, Swedish and Dutch I think...also something in baker book, but mostly wrong info there...
    i was thinking since long time to may produce such a guide but my bird artist at the moment its too busy and also we need a good editor for that


    PS. however, you'll find all the good and needed info in Forsman 1999 and KMOlsen 2007 in danish....
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    If this is the book you mean it is published in English also:


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