Hi there,
Here is an idea for a Christmas present for less then 30 Euros
for a serious birder who has a PC or MP3 player or ipod!
News from my Dutch birding buddies including top European Gull enthusiasts!
No vested interests from my point of view I am impartial on these items just
pleased to tell you about them to spread the word about a world premiere!
Dear birdwatcher,

Birdsounds.nl has created a partnership with IVV (International Mailing House on Bird Books).
Birdsounds continues to manage its website and remains the contact for customers and suppliers. IVV is responsible for shipping our goods and the administration.

IVV is a company specialised in distributing foreign birdbooks in the Netherlands.
Mrs. Huguette van Wylick has run her business for over 15 years and has a great knowledge of birdbooks.
Birdsounds will add IVV's collection (over 3000 birdbook-titles) to its website.
Books and CDs can be ordered together on www.birdsounds.nl .
This saves on shippingcosts !

Birdsounds / IVV
Zuiderzeestraatweg 415, 8091 PA Wezep
The Netherlands

Birdsounds will operate as an independent company and will keep its own e-mail addresses, websites, etc..

stay tuned.

Bernard Geling


Birds of Western Europe MP3 Fieldguide
by: Peter Boesman
MP3-CD 29,95 / USD 35.-
The First Complete Multimedia Fieldguide for MP3 players. It covers 320 birdspecies occuring in Western Europa, all in English.
It comes with a full description of every species, pictures, distributionmaps and sounds (7 hours!).
Can be played on any PC and MAC but also on MP3 players like the iPhone and iPod.

This is a world premiere!

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Kind regards,
Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.