Hi there,
In France larking around with Calandra Lark enthusiasts including
some of the 790 members of the CEEP including female birders
of the month on the Calandra Lark calendars including big eyed
French birding talents who have backed the Calandra Lark
conservation programme in our reserve near M....ille of La Crau
where 45 territories of Mediterranean Grey Shrike are found in summer
plus from 89 to 104 territories of Calandra Larks rising from the 62 to
70 or so territories in 2006!A rise of 45 % to which our bronzed girls
for August raise thier T shirts to!
Also we are celebrating the National Reserve designation to the
Plaine des Maures of 15,000 hectares of important territory of
particular importance to Shrikes and Rollers and to a lesser degree
Ferraris! Here is over a thousand species of plants a quarter of the National total, 50 species are Nationally protected rare species!Also 7 species of amphibians, 15 species of reptiles including a major population of Occelated Lizard and the most important population in France mainland areas of
Heermans Tortoise. Major Roller, Bee-eater, Shrike and Hoopoe breeding areas.Bat populations and orchids of great interest plus many rare invertebrates here.Not far from St Tropez where my colleague Ronaldo
has 3 identical luxury yachts who enjoys birding like me and Offshore bank
accounts like the rest of the International Brazil Soccer team fellow players who are admirers of my colleague Pele who is friends with Cannes felloe Dutch soccer player Rudi Kroll who joins me on the telephone from time to time to share our humour for Dutch naturalists like Swift watchers who
have new websites at:-
More on this new National French nature reserve the 12 Reserve of our area of officially 5,276 hectares of the 15,000 hectares of the geographic area
surrounding the protected part at the heart of the Plaine des Maures.
Professor Sophie Berlin the famous geneticist in Linnaeus University is an authority on this area! She is friends with geneticist Pierre-Andre Crochet the International Avian geneticist authority! He lives down here based in Montpellier but doing regular trips down to the Rhone delta in particular and the Med Cote d'Azur resort so loved by the birding world for the passion of the birders and the key cuisine of this part of the biggest country in Western Europe!
the Conservatoire- Etudes des Ecosystems de Provence- Alpes du Sud protect officially 73 sites covering an area of 50,000 hectares.More details at:-
To join you only need tpo pay an annual subscription of a minimum of 25 Euros per annum!
The reserves are great and programmes of research include studying
from the Ecomusee at St Martin de Crau near M....ille the Lesser Kestrel and Roller nestboxes plus Little Bustards in thousands, Pinballed Soundgrouse
and paintballed Hoopoes which breed in the hole in the wall at the reserve of Scamandre near Arles reserve buildinf at the reception centre where they fly past you during the feeding of the young in the hole in the wall of the Reception building at Scamandre reserve to stun the visiting birders as with the breeding 9 species of ardeaidae plus Bee-eaters, a hundred pairs
of Glossy Ibis and Spoonbills and marsh Terns not to mention the Purple Gallinules and rare passerines like Moustached Warbles and Bearded Tits who need a barber to keep in trip their facial expressions due to the excessive heat and cuisine of abundant local fame!
If you contact the Ecomusee at St Martin de Crau on tel:-
0033 4 90 47 02 01 you can book a once monthly Saturday birding session
perhaps with Calandra girls of the month leaving at 9.30 am French time to go birding around the Crau semidesert and steppe fauna and birds in particular with Etienne Becker a warden of RNNCC. The birding outings last all morning and are good if you have the right optical equipment! You need good bins and a good notebook to list all the good local birds like the list of rarities
which will impress all your birding pals as will the list of drinks had afterwards at the Hotel Restaurant de St Martin de Crau nearby where you can spend the afternoon in the sun by the pool!
Kind regards,
Bertram.E.B.BREE in mild Jersey.Near France a culunary and cuisine capital
for the romantic sun lovers who want some heat in their birding nearer home!