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Thread: Desert Grey Shrike in Sicily

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    Default Desert Grey Shrike in Sicily

    Just to inform all you that a fine male singing every day and lingering perfectly its here in Siracusa since 4th October and is gonna winter for sure here .... it is a Desert G Shrike so of the North African group showing all the characters for a perfect algeriensis (whatever we wish to consider this ssp.) ... since there are now 2 extensive paper dealing with genetic of GGS complex that agree this group its fully separated from Iberian Lanius meridionalis and also from pallidirostris

    (see for ex. by Urban Olsson, Per Alstrom adn Lars Svensson -- )

    I think few European birders therefore have this taxon in their European list, so I invite anybody who wish to come and see the bird...I'll be happy to show it to you .... all in all Siracusa and SE Sicily deserve a visit ... in December and January usually you might see Richard's pipit (several), Great Black -headed Gull, thousands fuscus complex gulls, thousands gulls in general of all sorts, Lanner, Saker, shearwaters, and much much more....


    Andrea C
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    and now a Moussier's Redstart on Sicily too:

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    I admit that I haven't read the full paper referred to by Andrea. However, the abstract says that while splitting the Lanius excubitor complex (including the already commonly split L. meridionalis), into six species could be argued based on the mitochondrial gene tree, the authors appear to be questioning if this gene tree is an accurate representation of the complex's phylogeny and sufficient evidence for such a split.

    I don't think I would be booking a flight just yet, but then I have seen the North African taxa in North Africa anyway:-)

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    You're right Roy

    but was just in case...better to advise birders who are splitting-fun (I do not quite) to be kind enough to alert.... then to keep this obs. among our small birders community in Italy !

    Also, I know there are European listers (and therefore this would be a new taxon for them whatever it is) and country listers and regional its better just in case to tell them...



    PS. the Moussier's was simply an ornithogasmus :-)
    The View Condo Pattaya
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