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Thread: Ethiopian pipit

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    Default Ethiopian pipit

    Hi everyone,

    I hope this is the right forum to post this, in case it isnīt let me apologize.

    Three weeks ago I took these photos in Gondar, Ethiopia. I think it can be either A. cinnamoemeus or A. similis but Iīm not even sure of it.
    Although the quality of the pics is poor, could anyone give me a hand with this ID?

    Thanks in advance

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    Having painted the pipits for the Horn of Africa guide, my first reaction is Long-billed Pipit A. similis of the race hararensis. This is typically greyer above, with cinnamon-buff fringes on the wing coverts; this same cinnamon-buff colour is found on the underparts.

    Brian S

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    Hi Marco,

    I would agree with Brian as well. African/Grassveld also would have a stronger facial pattern, clean white outertail and longer hind-claws and legs than your bird. I would also guess that it was in fairly rocky habitat, which is usually a good indicator for Long-billed.



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    Thank you very much, that was also my first thought but after looking some pics in the web I started to doubt it.

    Roy, actually it was actually near a rocky area.

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