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Thread: Free Birding Trip to Peru

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    Default Free Birding Trip to Peru

    Kolibri Expeditions has just announced that they are giving away free birding trips to Peru. You can choose from one of two itineraries designed to promote eco-tourism to the native communities.

    If you're interested (and what birder wouldn't be?), the details are here.

    I've wanted to go to Manu (one of the two destinations) ever since I first heard the name. My wife and I would love to go to Peru, but the cost has made us put it off for now. So I'm more than a little excited about the possibility for a free trip!
    Grant McCreary

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    Hi all.
    Here are some more details on the this offer.
    The Manu itinerary is supporting the communities in the threatened (by oil exploit, mining and logging) Amarakaeri Communal reserve. The itinerary goes down the Alto Madre de Dios and Madre de Dios rivers to the Macaw lick and Giant Otter Cocha at Blanquillo, just like any other birding/nature tour circuit in the area. Four different community lodges are used instead of more well known lodges.

    The other itinerary is located in th Central Peru combining two itineraries Carpish and Satipo road into one concentrating on the highlights of both areas. It is the idea that it sometime during 2010 will be possible to do the trip without camping, as the communities are investing in lodging oportunities for birders. We'd like to support these efforts by sending many groups immediately.

    Giving a way free trips like this, to people able to spread the word of these areas, should benefit both hopefully very fast, so that the communities don't get bored with eco-tourism and conservation before we start.

    I posted a short blog post here on Surfbirds with link to summeries of our recent activities if anyone is interested.


    Gunnar Engblom
    Gunnar Engblom
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    When I first birded in Peru, and didn't know my Empidonax from my Auks, Gunnar very patiently helped me via the Birding Peru network. If you've not read his blog, it is well worth a look, and there is a ton of stuff on using social marketing to get birding and related conservation messages out there. Here's the link for the free trips to Peru again:


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