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Thread: Wise men search for special individual

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    Default Wise men search for special individual

    The largest ever attempt to rediscover a possibly extinct species will be mounted this winter with teams of skilled volunteer observers scouring more than 35 countries around the Mediterranean, Middle East and the Indian subcontinent in the hope of confirming the continued existence of the slender-billed curlew. Some observers from Britain will be making the trek over Christmas to assist with the search in some of these countries.


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    I for one will eat my woolly hat if they:-

    1. find one
    2. catch it
    3. satalite track it and find the breeding grounds.

    The first two of these will require a small miracle, and judging by the success of the Syrian Bald Ibis project, they'll probably satalite track it to a curlew stew somewhere in the Middle East.

    Good luck! They'll certainly need it.

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