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Thread: New longevity records

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    Default New longevity records

    New longevity records just published (taken from the 2008 report on bird ringing)


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    Rock Pipit (5 years 11 months)
    Ringed in Northumberland and recaught locally by ringers
    No mention of this in the county bird report for 2008 (or the previous 3 years either). What's the details?

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    They're in December's Ringing & Migration (BTO publication that publishes ringing info and papers).


    Adult male ringed 15/11/02 Low Newton-by-the-Sea (Northumbs)
    retrapped 9/11/08 same location.

    Another retrapped there on 23/11/08 and retrapped again on 23/11/08 was oringinally ringed as a nestling at Belhaven (Lothian) on 17/9/06 (80 km away).

    When you submit details of your ringed birds, you don't necessary know if it's a record because you don't know off-hand how old anybody else's birds are. So it only comes to light when tthe BTO checks records at HQ.
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    OK, that'd be too recent for the county report, no doubt it'll be in next year's.

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