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Thread: Mystery Bird in Enniskerry, Ireland

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    Default Mystery Bird in Enniskerry, Ireland

    My Mrs spotted this strange bird coming to one of our feeders in the snowy weather yesterday - she grabbed my camera with a very heavy telephoto lens and shot through the window, but she didn't do too bad, considering she could barely lift the camera! We're guessing some kind of Cuckoo? She described it as about the size of a grapefruit , but perhaps 'puffed up' against the severe cold?
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    Hi Paul

    Happy New Year

    Excellent images. Your bird is a MISTLE THRUSH - a fairly common species in Ireland

    Very best wishes

    Lee Evans

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    Hi, Thanks for the speedy reply - We've never seen one before - as I mentioned my wife gets the credit for the pictures, so she'll be delighted with the compliment! (also she gave the lens as a present!)

    Best Regards

    Paul O'Donnell

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