I just set up a new BIGBY (Green Birding) e-mail discussion list on Yahoo! Groups.

The BIGBY (Green Birding) list is for those of us who wish to share their experiences with "green" birding. BIGBY is an acronym for Big Green Big Year, a concept developed in late 2007 by a group of Montreal birders.

Green birding is birding done without the use of fossil fuels and/or the internal combustion engine. Green birders are self-propelled birders, e.g., walking, riding a bicycle, paddling a canoe or kayak, or using skis or snowshoes. A green birder may use public transportation to get to a birding site.

I just thought it might be worthwhile to have a central spot for interested people to swap stories about their green birding experiences. Here's how to subscribe to the list:

1. Send an e-mail to: bigbybirding-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
2. I will manually approve requests as I receive them, to try to keep spammers off of the list.
3. Once I approve your membership request you will receive a "welcome" message. At that point you will be free to post messages to the list at the following address: bigbybirding@yahoogroups.com (Note: only list members may post to the list, another attempt to limit spammers).
4. The list will be unmoderated, i.e., when you post to the list your message will be immediately distributed to list members without my intervention.

Good (green) birding!

Bernie Sloan
List Owner