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Thread: The Birdwatchers Yearbook and Diary 2010 edited by David Cromack

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    Default The Birdwatchers Yearbook and Diary 2010 edited by David Cromack

    Now into its 30th Anniversary edition, this annual publication is, let's be honest, a little past its sell by date. Promoted as the ESSENTIAL fact-filled guide to all aspects of the British birding scene, I have to admit to owning a fair few editions over the years. But despite the good intentions, I don't remember once referring to its contents at any point.

    Let's face it, the internet (whatever you think of it) has moved the goalposts and 352 pages of key information cannot seriously claim to cover 'virtually everthing to do with birdwatching in the UK'. The leading websites publish more than this in a single day.

    This years edition includes the annually updated UK bird and nature reserves section with details of more than 420 reserves, county directories plus checklists for British birds, dragonflies and butterflies, tide tables, directories to lecturers, artists, photographers and trade outlets, national and international bird organisations plus a selection of magazine quality feature articles.

    The 2010 edition is priced at £17.50. Contact Buckingham Press on 01733 561739 to purchase a copy.
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