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Thread: The Big Mammal Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin Key View Post
    Totally agree with Michael. I notice that the OP has now edited the text (much more coherent) accompanying the link - he did himself no favours with the original garbage he wrote which sounded as though it came from a Nigerian who owned a Collins Pocket Dictionary .


    When I first opened this link,,I thought they were chasing Yeti's...thats pretty big.

    I read on and it must have been a great trip for them and they are rightly proud of their adventure. Well done for "having a go"!

    I think Colin is being a bit unfair,,a Nigerian would'nt call a leopard a big mammal,,,infact I'm thinking who would?.....

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    Um ... I think I'd call a Leopard a big mammal. Best not to offend them.
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