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Thread: "Spectacled" Flowerpecker - Danum Valley

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    Default "Spectacled" Flowerpecker - Danum Valley

    Hi folks

    while working at Danum Valley, a good friend of mine was shown a photograph taken that afternoon from the canopy walkway of what appeared to be a species of flowerpecker quite unlike anything already known. Fortunately, the bird reappeared the following two days and allowed him to observe it well. Seeing as it was in a very well-watched area it was doubly surprising. I was very priviliged to be one of the first people to see the photographs - quite a strange experience! The bird has not, to my knowledge, been seen since...

    Here's the write-up, with photos, from the soon to hit-the-doormats Birding Asia 12.

    Makes you wonder what else is waiting...

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    considering how well watched this area is this is an unbelievable find. Just proves, not that proof should be needed, how valuable and irreplaceable these forests are.

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