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Thread: Ken from BC, Canada

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    Default Ken from BC, Canada

    This forum was suggested by a posting in, which connects birders in my locality in Canada, near Vancouver, on the Pacific Coast. Mostly useful info. on what birds have been seen recently, and exactly where - also, photos & requests for help identifying unusual sightings.

    I always enjoyed watching my garden birds, but I'm fairly new to "serious" birding (2 years). Just retired this year, new binoculars & scope, wishing I had started birding many years ago.

    I'm thinking this forum may guide me on possible travel ideas for Costa Rica, S. Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam... at the very least, I can enjoy other people's birding experiences vicariously! I know I'm going to enjoy the posted bird photos.


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    Welcome Ken.

    I hope we can provide you with information and entertainment.

    Brian S

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    welcome onto surfbirds, enjoy

    All the best

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