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    Default Greenland Hoary Redpoll

    Although we get usually get Hoary Redpolls in Newfoundland among flocks of Common Redpolls in winter,they are usally of the southern exilipes subspecies. Today I was fortunate enough to have a great experience with an individual of the Greenland (Hornemann's) Hoary Redpoll,the much rarer of the two subspecies. Photos are available on my blog at


    Dave Brown

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    Hi Dave

    A great bird, but your naming was confusing for a moment. In the UK, we have started to call the larger, darker rostrata Greenland Redpoll, and simply call hornemanni, Hornemann's [Arctic] Redpoll - a good explanation of the situation is here

    See these images - the front bird, with a probable islandica Mark Breaks, Fair Isle, 09/07. I believe that in BWP or Howard and Moore they do not recognise islandica, subsuming it within rostrata

    Brian S

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