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    Last year I was birding at a lake in Quarteira in the Algarve on 28th January.There was a flock of Little Gulls there, and it was the first time I had seen them anywhere . It was a rather grey day, but I took some photos. On subsequent visits I never saw them again.
    During last summer the Quarteira lake was practically dried up, and most of the birds left, and although the lake is now full again, there are still very few birds.
    Today, 31st January, I was at the Salgados lagoon, some 20 miles from Quarteira, and there were the Little Gulls! First time I had seen them this year.
    I'm reasonably new to birding, yet I'm seeing in this my second winter in the Algarve just how very predictable some of the habits of many species of birds are, and it is totally fascinating.
    I don't find gulls paticularly exciting, but I do think these Little Gulls are just delightful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenwin5 View Post
    ...... but I do think these Little Gulls are just delightful!
    And so they are Ken, especially rosy-breasted adults in breading plumage. I have only ever seen them in Algarve at Salgados where they often occur with "out of season" marsh terns (Black Terns) with which they share a very similar "jizz" in the way they delicately pick insects off the surface of the water.

    Your quote above made me smile as it reminded me of my friend Roger (who you have met) entertaining a couple of guest "newbie" birdwatchers for a week; at the end of the week she (I'll call her Pat, since that is her name!) had been entranced by the the number of Little Owls she had seen and said: "Roger, I love all these Little Owls, but where are all the Mummy and Daddy Owls?" - true story .


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    ...not to mention the juveniles:


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