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Thread: Hello from Murcia

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    Default Hello from Murcia

    My name is Barrie and my wife is Jan. We are retired and live on the Costa Cálida, in southern Murcia, Spain.

    Although we always used to carry field guides when driving and sailing, we only really got into birding 4 years ago when visiting daughter in Melbourne. So we are comparative novices with lots to learn.

    Near us is a pond with reed beds put in around 6+ years ago for final rehabilitation of effluent from the local sewage farm. It's now a great birding spot with lots of water birds. Four years ago the first pair of White Headed Ducks arrived. Then more each year until last year we saw 11 males in breeding plumage all at the same time (and there might have been more hidden from view). We wonder how many there will be this year?

    We have also found Bonelli's Eagles nesting on cliffs just down the coast.

    We belong to a group in the Costa Blanca and would love particularly to hear of sighting and places to go in southern Costa Blanca and in Murcia, and also in the rest of Spain for when we go off in our caravan.

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    Bienvenido al foro ¿Sabes Dave y Gilly?

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    Welcome to the forum Barrie and Jan - it sounds as though you have a little bit of local "heaven" there.

    You might like to keep an eye on this blog: as well as Steve's excellent website. Also "Rare Birds Spain" (Google it) is a great site for up to date news of rare and scarce birds in Spain (it has Spanish, Portuguese and English versions).



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