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Thread: Skua and Parrakeet.

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    Default Skua and Parrakeet.

    I went to Madeira this month (Febuary), I did a bit of sea watching and I saw what looked like a possible juvenile Pom. Skua, it was a very dark bird with white wing patches underneath and no tail extension would this be a possible sighting at this time of year in this area?

    I also saw two Parrakeets fly over and the only colour I saw was green and long tails, they had a rasping krek - krek, calling constanly, as I did not have my binoculars I could not get a good look, what species of Parrakeet could this possibly be in this area?

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    If you go here (, you will see that there are two types of parakeet escaped on Madeira: Monk and Ring-necked.

    Also, two skuas are regular: Great and Pomarine.

    You must choose.

    Brian S

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