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Thread: Hello From Green Birder in California

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    Default Hello From Green Birder in California

    Hi. I just joined. I am currently doing a big year, trying to break 300 species without using any gas - a BIGBY (big green big year). I am up to 208 species since Jan 1 and have a running account with a bird list, photos, map of locations, etc. at I'd love to get your feedback. Thanks.

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    Hi Jim and welcome to the forum. Congrats on the total so far. I'm still struggling to find Glaucous Gull in CA.

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    Welcome to the Surfbirds forums, Jim. Just been looking at your blog and you have an impressive list there already and it's not even the end of March! I noticed somewhere that you mentioned having an iPod Touch - so have I. Are you familiar with a great new app called BirdsEye, which shows you recent bird sightings (rare and ordinary), from info submitted to eBird, in your area or anywhere in N America? Here's their website if you don't know about it:

    It only costs $20 and has some great photos and sounds of 847 N American birds. You can upload to your life list in the app, too. You do need access to the internet, so I can only use mine at home to get details of sightings. Obviously it works best with an iPhone!
    [Expat from Cumbria]

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