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    Being a new member of Surfbirds.I yesterday took possesion of My Kowa TSN 883 Scope.There is already an excellent review by Brian Small posted back in 2007(if you read this Brian,thanks)I dont want to repeat what Brian has already said but i feel the urge to to post this thread as an "avid but amateur" birder and give my personal impressions of this scope in 2010.
    Before joining Surfbirds i had read "Rave Reviews"for this Scope in the USA but being no fool,wanted to get my hands on it to try it out.
    I live and work in Brittany France and was lucky to find in the town of Lorient a stockist called Astronome owned by a "real gentleman" Fabrice and his wife Emmannuelle.We spent a very pleasant 2 hrs testing the scope.
    First impressions are very important (and not just with scopes !!!!!!).The day was sunny and bright with a lot of wind.So we put the scope on a Manfrotto heavy duty tripod (Great tripod this,very stable and ideal for my next project Digiscoping).
    We fixed a 30x fixed eyepiece and aimed it at a tree a 1/4 of a mile away where a magpie was "posing".I cant begin to express the clarity of the image it was simply "Stunning".It was if i was watching the bird with the naked eye from 5 feet away.
    Next we fitted the 20x60 zoom.Again "superb" with no loss of light even at 60x, of course field of view cut down.
    So out with the checkbook and this is were you may need to sit down and pour yourself a very large whiskey (i know i did !!!!!!!!!!).PLEASURE SOMETIMES COMES AT A PRICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Scope 2000 euros.

    20x60 Zoom Eyepiece 550 euros.
    Tripod (dont scimp here, it's supporting "The Jewel of the Nile"!!!!!!!!).310euros.
    30xfixed eyepiece 250 euros.
    With the "Jewel of the Nile" under my arm,i drove at breakneck speed to my local reserve at Succinio where i knew there were Spoonbill and what is known locally amongst conservationists as "A right pain in the ....",Sacred Ibis !!!!!!!!!.
    In howling winds the Scope performed heroically.I spent over 3hrs in total "Bliss".Freezing to death,i headed back to my camper van only to discover that i had lost my keys !!!!!!!!!!!!.Retracing my steps around the reserve,it took me 2hrs to find them !!!!!!!! A very bad finish to a remarkable day,in which i must say,i feel very humble to be the owner of an "Optical Masterpiece".
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    Thank you for sharing this with us. I can just confirm what you wrote here. This scope performs incredibly. I still don't own one but only due to the lack of money. I will order it in late spring and can't wait to feel its power.

    Have a nice birding with that perfect gear.

    Cheers, Szimi
    Gyorgy Szimuly
    The New Shorebirds Handbook
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    Thxs Szimi.
    The only problem is,i cant afford a decent digiscoping camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Oh well;you cant have everything in life ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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