I 'm from a small Town called Sandusky in Ohio, where I love to hike and enjoy nature. My wife Cheryl and I have an odd fascination with Cardinal's, partially based on the fact that it is the Ohio state bird, and love to photograph them on our hikes. It's starting to warm up a bit here, and were thinking about taking a short hike in the next week, but we have been trying to reduce our loads when we hike. We have both been looking for either a cheap light weight bag, or a good vest with lot's of pockets. I have researched a little of both, but I am leaning a little bit more twoards a vest just because We go on smaller hikes more frequently and I think a bag would be a little much. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience any of the photography vest that humvee makes? If So could you let me know if you liked it? Thanks for the help guys!! I hope everyone has a nice day!