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Thread: Birdringing in Danube Delta, Romania

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    Default Birdringing in Danube Delta, Romania


    As a reminder, the youth ornithological group from Switzerland in collaboration with European ornithologists is organizing for the third year an international bird ringing camp in the Danube Delta in Romania to study the migration. For more information, you can consult our website ( or our blog (
    This camp takes place between the 19th July and the 7th November 2010. We actively search collaborators (with or without experience) and 1 or 2 ringers or ringer trainee to help us. We already search also a responsible ringer for the year 2011. We need particularly helper for those periods:

    - July

    - End August

    - End September to November

    The housing is, at the moment, on a house near the camp and a tiny financial support for food and accommodation would be request (more time you spend, less you pay). You can contact me if you are interested to participate or if you need further information.

    Thanks for diffusing this information as much as possible.

    Best regards

    Fabian Schneider, Project manager

    Registration and information: Fabian Schneider (
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