BirdLife Malta – Spring Watch
11th – 30th April 2010

Spring is almost upon us, and once again birds returning to
breed in Europe passing over Malta will risk persecution from
illegal hunters and trappers.

BirdLife Malta will this year be running the first ever 3 week long
Spring Watch Camp. The camp will monitor bird migration,
maintain a strong presence in the countryside to deter the illegal
killing and trapping of wild birds, and report illegalities to the

The European Court of Justice this year ruled that Malta
breached the Birds Directive by opening a spring hunting season
from 2004 to 2007. However the Maltese government,
succumbing to pressure from the hunting lobby, has declared
that it is considering derogating on the Birds Directive to
continue allowing spring hunting.

If the government opens a spring hunting season, this year’s
Spring Watch camp will be vital in documenting and revealing
the extent and impact of hunting in spring.

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