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Thread: LESSER KESTREL in Suffolk

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    Default LESSER KESTREL in Suffolk

    What a day! After the treat of watching Alpine and Pallid Swifts, plus my first Swallows of the year, I was innocently just about to go to Minsmere for tea, when bham! LESSER KESTREL at Minsmere. Needless to say, by the time I got there it had disappeared, but as we waited another Alpine Swift flew south. Just as tea was about to be served, a call that the LK had been refound.

    A great bird and great light, if a touch distant. I wish I had seen it as the finders had! Good shots on the Stop Press page and one attached by Richard Drew.

    Brian S
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    Default Lesser kestrel

    A story that all ended safely but it may well have been very different.....

    Andy Cook found this bird and photographed it at very close range. He raced back to the centre and grabbed hold of Birdline Wales operative Alan Davies who happened to be in there. Confirmation was instantaneous and within seconds news had gone national....

    Sadly, as often happens in the excitement of these type of mega birds, the bird was inadvertently flushed by those rushing frantically to see it. It had been showing exceptionally as it flitted between the fenceposts but as one car after another screeched up to a halt on the neighbouring access road, the pandemonium as expected frightened it

    Luckily I was driving down from Westleton as it flew and with several others was able to intercept it as it went north. It entered a Common Kestrel territory on its route and was chased off and out on to the Westleton Heath where fortunately one enterprising individual eventually relocated it.

    We are all very excited when we hear of such a mega but it should be a reminder that when getting very close to the proximity of a newly-arrived tired waif, care of the utmost should be taken to ensure that it is not disturbed. This is happening all the more often at very rare birds and it could so easily be avoided with a little more thought, consideration and care at those last final moments of approach. It is far better to park a little further back from the location and walk - at least then there may be a chance that the bird will not be spooked by the clanking of tripods, slamming of doors, etc

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    Thumbs up Lesser Kestrel conservation in French breeding areas!

    Hi there,
    Details of the Lesser Kestrel conservation in southern France which has
    been so successful that they are expanding north and returning now in
    hundreds to their nestboxes in southern France from Senegal in western Africa
    where they winter largely being tracked now as part of the LPO backed research! They turn up in northern France sometimes such as on Ouessant
    just south of the Scillies and now migration is in full swing there with Common Redstarts returning with Whiskered Terns and many Stilts and Savis Warblers
    as well as early Great Reed Warblers!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny Jersey near Normandy and Brittany!
    It sounds like a genuine migrant in England arriving just at peak passage!

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    Hoping to see this bird tomorrow morning ... knowing my luck it'll probably disappear overnight and never be seen again! Still haven't managed to connect with the Penduline Tits at Minsmere either, so I might take a flask and set up camp in Island Mere hide for several hours on the off chance that they'll finally be kind to me. A chance to do some sketching even if they don't show!

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    Default lesser kesser 400th BOU bird for Suffolk??

    A short but interesting thread

    Thanks for your report Lee. Agree with what you say.

    Astounded when on a non-birding trip to King's Lynn to get a late afternoon mega and on the Minsmere access road.

    Inevitable message followed that the bird did not stay there.

    Glad it was refound. Fortunate to have some free time on Tuesday 30th and got the bird. Distant but identifiable.

    I have a spreadsheet on my computer of the Suffolk list. Probably based on Suffolk Ornithologist Group lists. It said total 399. No surf scoter in the total.
    Amended the page to 400 exactly with the lesser kestrel.
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    Having read the total load of $hite written about this bird on the twittering channel reminds of why I gave up twitching and emigrated.

    Total load of ***** (fill in as you feel fit).


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    And still this thread continues on "twitter bird", which is quite entertaining. I can only presume that the highly offended finder of this bird who goes by the name of "twatson" is actually the son of a **** .


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