As in recent years I will provide regular/daily web updates of what is seen across the island during the main spring weeks coming up. These will be posted by midnight (local time) most evenings.

I know many staying on the island, and more so those due to come out, find these updates interesting and very useful.

My own daily updates from the island will commence on 20 Apr and go through to 12 May. If you're on the island before, during or after this period, I still want your sightings to include on the website and to enter in the Lesvos Birding log at the Hotel Pasiphae, Skala Kallonis.

Last year a lot of folk contributed to these updates, so please share your sightings and birds for others to hopefully enjoy.

Full details about the updates and how you can contribute/pass on your sightings to me, please visit the Lesvos Birding website.