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Thread: Star Wars beetles.

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    Cool Star Wars beetles.

    I once had a Sexton beetle (orange stripes)fly into my head when I got out of the bath & switched the light on @ midnight;I thought it was a bumble bee @ first! They're good to keep in a vivarium because they're quite big & strong & exotic & bury themselves during the & bury carrion;one night I didn't click home the door & it pushed it's way out & flew through the bathroom window.
    Another quite big & strong (flightless)beetle is the Bloody Nosed;they eat trailing plants - I found two on the Kennet canal path & the path in Thatcham Reed Beds,Berks; I put one on a weed in a container that was surrounded by water inside another container,& ,when I returned shortly,I found it on edge of the outer container! (?) They've got spherical black bodies & long legs with huge,sticky feet & walk slowly & deliberately across tangled leaves.
    Can anyone tell me how it crossed the water?
    In 2007 I found a rare Bee Beetle on a Buddleja by the Thames here - it could have been caught by hand.but I was afraid of being stung! It's strange that the American Bee Beetle looks very similar ,supposedly entered through Alaska in The Ice Age,but wouldn't the ice have been thousands of feet thick? It's furry with yellow stripes.
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