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    Cool Spitting Kingfisher/Mag.letters pages not accepting.

    Spitting Kingfisher (Bird magazine letters pages didn't reply -advice please)
    On the 30th June 2008 I had a Kingfisher in my 'scope,diving from a low teig,across the Thames channel on Brentford Ait Island,for half an hour - periodically it spat a white liquid into the water below,looking intently,apparently baiting the water to attract small fish.
    Photographs showing Kingfishers with wide open beaks & a white pellet in the back of their throats,would be impossible if the spitting were fast enough to be mistaken for a liquid,& I don't think the beak was open;pellets of bones wouldn't
    be so frequent.
    It.s hunting ended when a crow began chasing it up & down the channel between that twig & an upturned dinghy,that it had been diving from earlier.
    The RSPB showed an interrest & said the bird might have learned that behaviour
    Thames,Kew Bridge.
    Comments welcome. It should be investigated. I think this observation should @ least be accepted as a letter in a bird magazine,but the ones \i tried didn't reply - advice welcome.
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