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Thread: Day trip from Tucson

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    Default Day trip from Tucson

    Hi all, I'll be in Tucson this weekend for work and have the day off monday. Was thinking to rent a car and get out there and see some birds. Anybody have any tips for where to be and what to look for this time of year?

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    Hi brt, Tucson is in a terrific location for a quick day trip. Here's a list of local spots:

    Or you can go a little further afield. It's not far to the famous canyons for Mexican rarities or hire a guide for the day:

    Best, Andy

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    Madera Canyon. Fantastic place for common birds and rarities. Night birding for 5 (?) owls. In my opinion, now is the best time of year. Trogons just arriving. Everything in full song. Beautiful climate. Wish I was there.

    Mount Lemmon is also great. Olive Warbler. Red-faced Warbler. Huge diversity from the desert floor to 8000 feet, all in a short drive.

    A short drive from Madera Canyon, there's a pair of Great Horned Owls that nest at Green Valley Presbyterian Church. You can see them through a glass window at 2 inches distance. An amazing experience, even if you've seen lots before. They let anyone in to see them. I'm an atheist and they even let me in!
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