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Thread: New member in New Mexico

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    Default New member in New Mexico

    Hi just found this forum, read several threads and found the members seem to be very helpful and courteous, my wife & I do some birding and are looking into digiscoping, have a Celestron Regal 65 ED scope and would like to use my Nikon D200 with it, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this combination work, if you do please let me know. Looking forward to many interesting threads on this forum.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. A digital SLR camera combined with a scope may not be the easiest introduction to digiscoping. It's a heavy combo and needs some muscle to keep it steady. A small compact digital camera might be easier to try out first and also attach to the scope. That being said, many people have had success with the SLR/scope combo, so it can be done.

    I'm not familiar with the Celestron but looks like they are set up for digiscoping OK:

    From my personal experience, the quality of the scope is key to good photos. I eventually sold my 20yr old Optolyth on ebay, upgraded to a new high-end scope and the results were much better.

    Good luck and please come back and post some pics.

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm looking forward to seeing some great shots from New Mexico.

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    Hi mrdo1 and welcome to Surfbirds.

    My husband and I had a wonderful winter visit to Bosque del Apache NWR, near Socorro, a few years ago. The Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese, Bald Eagles and many other birds were a delight.

    Good luck with the digiscoping.
    [Expat from Cumbria]

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    Hi mrdo1

    Whereabouts in NM are you?

    I also have great memories of driving south from Alberquerque down the Rio Grande valley to Socorro and Bosque; then on to TorC - Percha Dam and Elephant Butte; over Emory Peak and Silver City to the SW of NM.

    Brian S

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    welcome onto surfbirds.

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