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Thread: Strange Blackbird dehaviour

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    Default Strange Blackbird Behaviour

    We have recently found three identical bird eggs on the ground in different parts of our garden and have identified them as Blackbird eggs. Two were still intact but cold and the third was broken. There's no evidence of nests having been built.
    Has anyone got any theories on why this is happening?
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    Default Injured Thieves?

    I'm far from expert but logic dictates something has stolen them and has left them for "later on".

    We know squirrels do this with nuts.
    Would a rat do this? Rats are normally greedy and normally would eat the egg straight away.

    Or,,something like a bird that takes eggs with a busted foot and can't keep hold of the egg,(touch of authur ritis like me?),,drops it,,won't go the floor so goes back for another try.

    There is so much we don't know about animal behaviour.
    I saw an article two days ago about three lions that had brought down a buffalo calf and the buffalo herd actual charged the lions.

    What about the Kestral that "DROWNED" the magpie,,(winter watch this year)

    I hope you get to the bottom of this one,,I'm sure it will be facinating.

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