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Thread: Reports of Rabid Cat Attacks Highlight the Severe Public Health Consequences of Feral

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    Exclamation Reports of Rabid Cat Attacks Highlight the Severe Public Health Consequences of Feral

    The Orlando Sentinel newspaper and other Florida media are reporting two incidents of rabid feral cats attacking humans. WFTV in Orlando, Florida describes both attacks as unprovoked.


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    As a long time cat lover and owner, I am quite concerned about the proliferation of feral cats and their effect on wildlife. I have always argued that my two (used to have 13 before the vet got involved!!) earn their keep in the number of rats they kill - brown rats are very abundant here, and on the increase, and they do far more damage to the bird population by preying on eggs of both tree and ground nesting species.

    We do not have rabies in Portugal so there is not the problem of feral cats infecting humans. Feline AIDS (FIV) is however very common and does exert some control over the cat population - feral cats rarely live for than two years.

    There are many "do-gooder" charities and organisations here running TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programmes with the co-operation of local vets but they do not work. This shot was taken at Lagos fishing port where there is a huge population of feral cats fed on fish waste and restaurant rubbish:

    I watched this mother take her five kittens from behind some restaurant rubbish bins to their new home in an over-turned rowing boat.

    One charity (which I have contributed to) makes a monthly purge on this population to neuter both male and female cats but it really is money down the drain. I am sorry to say that vet-controlled euthanasia would be much more effective.


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