For anyone interested in the battle to conserve the Brazilian Cerrado (savanna of various types), a fight currently being lost faster than the Amazon is disappearing, the BBC R4 series Costing the Earth covered the issue last night (if you missed it, go here I can't help feeling that the programme was too optimistic, but good to see the issue being dealt with in a reasonably high-profile forum.

The programme features an interview with Brazilian conservationist Maria Martha Argel (aka Tita), who is one of the authors of the next Brazilian field guide to hit the streets, the Wildlife Conservation Society's Birds of Brazil: The Pantanal and Cerrado of Central Brazil, scheduled for publication by August (see, for instance,

While us Brits go to the polls today, 2010 is also the year in which Brazil elects a new president (on 3 October). One can only hope that green issues feature more prominently in that election than they have in Britain, because while Brazil is starting to talk the talk of conserving the Amazon, its actions (or lack of them) unfortunately speak much louder than the words. There was a great commentary by Phil Fearnside published in Environmental Conservation last year (doi:10.1017/S0376892909990294) on just this issue.