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Thread: Bigger is better in RSPB's radical new approach to wildlife conservation

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    Default Bigger is better in RSPB's radical new approach to wildlife conservation

    The RSPB is launching a radical new approach to nature conservation to make space for wildlife in the 21st Century.


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    What a total load of ....!!

    Aidan Lonergan was Director of RSPB Northern Ireland (and previously involved at a high level with RSPB's International Affairs).

    He took a "sabbatical" in 2008 to look at the problems involved with the Lagoa dos Salgados situation in the Algarve. Here is the verbatim email which I (and others) received from him:

    Dear Colin

    We have not met and I have been given your contact details by my colleague Jose Tavares at the RSPB’s international department as someone with an interest in the Salgados lagoon.

    I worked in the International department of the RSPB as European Country Programmes manager for 4 years before moving to Belfast to be the society’s director in Northern Ireland. I have know about the Salgados site for some time and was delighted to take my sabbatical for a month here to try and help SPEA and people like you move the conservation of the site onwards

    If you are available, I would like to meet you to discuss the issues you see at the site and if there were anything concrete you would like to assist the work of SPEA

    I can be contacted by return email or text to my UK mobile on 0044 xxx xxxxxxx and am staying with my family at Quinta do Sol about a mile from the site

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can meet up in the next couple of weeks. If you are available arrangements can be made in terms of meeting venue via email

    Finally I have been as the site nearly every day for a week and am convinced it is one of the best coastal sites I have seen across Europe so we must do everything we can to protect it.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Best wishes

    Aidan Lonergan

    I met him, as did many other interested parties, and he promised to (his own words) "return with an action team to resolve the situation".

    Never heard another word from him since his promotion to "Director of Futurescapes" and his elevation to The Lodge at Sandy. Total waste of time and space. These sort of people are just low-level civil servants whose only interest is in their careers, not what they are supposed to be protecting. A bloody disgrace.

    Colin (and I also speak for many others)

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    Good to see them taking up the Living Landscapes initiative that the Wildlife Trusts have been running with for some time now. We were never going to save much wildlife on reserves, they are just places species are kept for a while before they go extinct. The way out of this is to make more space for them in the wider environment. To really work though you need ALL land managers to be maximising the potential for wildlife within their regimes. At present a lot of time and money goes on making places poor for wildlife and difficult to manage, we could do much better so easily. BobC

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    “At first glance some of our partners on the Thames may seem unlikely bedfellows for the RSPB...", says Aidan Lonergan.

    Nothing would surprise me - remember that for several years they've been in bed with Scottish and Southern Energy PLC. It was at that point my subscription money went elsewhere.

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